Interesting Mall (IM2015)

Interesting Mall or IM2015 is a website that doubles cash.
They are partnered with GCash and Google.

This website will generate a number every 2 mins, so you can make a bet every 2 mins which is a total of 720 times a day. But! That is if you win the bet.
You can try it, see if you are lucky enough.

It is all about money, right? So, I know we all want proof of earning to not waste our time. I feel you! Well, of course. I will put some screenshots down below for you to see that there are lots of people that was able to double their money and cash out.

I have tried cashing out on this website.
The only problem that I had was winning!

As a promoter, I can help you start by giving you P30 to try.

Just click this link:

You may use your phone or desktop, any device will do!

Just click this link:
It should route you to their page: Interesting Mall. Go to account, register yourself. Once you are registered, click My Cash.

Link your account with your Gcash or PayMaya account.
This is important for cashing out because this is where you will get your money.

After you follow these steps, refresh the page.
Viola! you should see P30 as your balance.

OPTIONAL! If you want to get another free money or more likely a heads up, you just need to top up or cash in P100. Automatically, IM is going to give you a gift of P30. So, overall, you should get a total of P60 free heads up.

You can then start betting! There are a 2 choices for betting.
First, Guess Numbers- where you can choose numbers that you prefer in its corresponding price. I don’t really find it fun, not at all. You have the slightest chance of winning in this type of game.

Personally, I would recommend Guess Odd or Even.
You just have to guess if the next number is odd or even, that is it.
This gives you 50% chance of winning. It is much faster and easier in my opinion.

Check this out!

Just proceed with the checkout, then click HOTSPOT once you see it. You should be asked to choose odd or even. Choose your selection, then wait for 2 mins for the result. Results always update on an even number of a minute, example: 11:02, 11:04, 11:06, 11:08 and so on.

You will see the results in Prize Opening Record just near My Cash.

You can check your bets under the ORDER tab beside the Account tab. Then, you should see this page. As you may notice, I have encircled the time stamps for you to see that it updates after 2mins.

You will know that you won if it says SALES SUCCESS and you will see the RETURN tab there, meaning you can return it in your balance.

However, if you see SALES FAILED and it says REDEEM POINTS instead of return, then that simply means you lost the bet.

Make sure to redeem the points if you lose because if you have collected enough points, you can exchange this for money as well. You can check the POINTS tab for more information.

Lastly, for cashing out. Just click Cash Withdrawal beside top up. Then, you should be here in this page. Minimum that we can cash out would be P300, processing fee may also apply.

There you go everyone, this is how you earn money through Interesting Mall.
This is really helpful especially with what is going on in the world right now.


Now, these are 7 out of many. I do not own most pictures, credits to my friends! 🙂

Make sure to use my link to get that P30 to start up!
TIP: If you lose in a row, stop, relax. Get a hold of yourself. Give it a few minutes.

Thank you for reading. Have fun!

BACKGROUND: Japan started this online micro mall platform in 2015 until they set up a business in Korea which then spread to Singapore, France, Germany and other countries. There are total of more than 10M users of this platform. Right, right.

If you have some questions, you may contact Customer Service on the website.
Or send an email in their email address:

One thought on “Interesting Mall (IM2015)

  1. What do you mean nawala po? Nag zero out talaga? Wala naman akong na experience na ganyan so far tsaka mga kasama ko wala rin. Suggest ko sayo, try mo icontact yung customer service nila sa whatsapp kasi madali yun kumpara sa email nila. At try mo din mag join sa fb group na Interesting Mall IM2015 para makasend ka rin nang screenshots sa concern mo at macheck po namin 🙂


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