Earning money in 2EZ.bet

If you mind losing more than you enjoy winning, then don’t bet. You should know that betting takes big risks. You might fall hard but you might also succeed more than you ever dreamed.

2ez.bet is a betting website that started in 2017. A community where users can bet on matches and may win more depending on the payout ratio of the specific match.



Here is an example from their website that will give you an idea as to how it works.
If TEAM A and TEAM B has the same number of users: 2 per team. And they have the same amount of bets. This will result in a 50-50 ratio. But, if TEAM A has double the amount of what TEAM B has bet, then team A will have a 66.66-33.33 ratio.

You might be confused with all that ratio ratio that they have. Well, don’t worry! because their system will automatically calculate your expected winning amount under Potential Winnings.

Take a look on the bets that I have made in the previous matches.

Now, there are a lot of popular betting sites where you can also earn money.
Some are VPgame and Dota2lounge, however, these sites have a 5%-10% fee per match. Others may charge you a fee of up to 20%.

In 2ez.bet, there are also fees.
How do you expect them to pay all of their expenses? Right!

The best thing about this site though, is that they only charge a 4% fee per match!
And a cash-out processing fee of 5% to prevent ex-changers from abusing their services. You can bet many times and only cash-out when needed which is reasonable enough.

So much talk about the website.
Let’s proceed to earning money!

First, click this link: 2ez.bet and register yourself.
You can also register using your Facebook or Email account.

Once registered, you need to purchase credits so that you can bet.

You need to log in to your account, click on My Profile. Then, click on Purchase Credits near your profile picture. You can purchase credits through Bank Transfers and Money Remittances (cut-off 3PM) or by walking-in to their offices.

Minimum deposit or cash-in of P500.

You need to choose your mode of Payment, choose whichever is convenient for you on the drop down. It will also provide you instructions on what you need to do. If it is your first deposit on their site, you may need to undergo through their verification process before they approve your request.

For me, it was through BPI Online Transfer for exactly P500.

They don’t accept GCash, PayMaya, Smart Money, BTC and LTC right now but their official partners might have these payment options.

You can directly message them on facebook.
Official Partners: Pielago JayArr and OGcredits

Once you have credits in your account, you can already start betting! If you are using your phone, I would recommend you to use the desktop version because it is more convenient to navigate.

You can bet by selecting on an active match.

LIVE matches are ongoing.
You might want to choose the match that hasn’t started yet.

If the match or game has settled and the team you selected wins, the system will automatically credit it into your account balance.

I only started with P500 but I already earned more than 4 times the amount that I deposited in 2 days. It was an easy money for me. Just play smart! 😉

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is profile.jpg

Here are 2 pictures of how much other people earned from this website:


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