Messenger Heart Reaction

People all over the world may be separated from their loved ones by miles of distance. We cannot stop ourselves from worrying too much because of the pandemic that we are facing. Our only way of communication is through social media.

Facebook is doing the best they can to help us communicate with everybody in a different level. They just released 2 emojis last month: the care and the pulsating purple/-ish heart emoji. The care emoji can easily be used in facebook while for the purple heart emoji, you need to update this in your facebook messenger.

A lot of people may already know this but I still get asked how I do it. So, make sure that your facebook messenger is updated.

Now, to update your heart reaction, you need to press and hold down the heart reaction to see the new reaction.

If you want to use the original heart reaction, you can just change it back by pressing and holding down the new heart reaction. Then, you should see the original heart reaction.

Facebook made this new emoji to let us show extra love and care to our families and friends. Facebook is doing their share. Now, please don’t forget to do your share! Stay at home and always wear a mask if you are going out. Stay safe everyone!

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