Dropz paying in XRP (Ripple)

Dropz is a website where you can easily earn XRP.

XRP or Ripple is a cryptocurrency that you can convert to Bitcoins using whatever cryptocurrency wallet you have or Coinbase. You can do all these using either a computer or your smartphone.

Click this website to go to Dropz: my.dropz.xyz
Register and verify your email address. You also need to add your Wallet so make sure to copy the correct XRP Address and Destination Tag.

Once you already have an account in Dropz.
You should see these options.

Click Visit Website and the page will refresh. After that, scroll down.
Below these options, you should see the Visit Advertiser section.

Click Visit Website again and you will be routed to another tab. Don’t close the new tab, leave it open and go back to the original tab. You will see that the Visit Website option has changed to Visit More Website.

Click Visit More Website and the page will refresh again.

After that, you should see 300 Drops have been added on the Pending Drops.

The minimum that you can pay out using this website is 300 Drops. So, once you have 300 Drops and a wallet, you can already cash out. Just click Withdraw and follow the instructions carefully. Once you have successfully withdrew, you will see this confirmation.

You can go to your wallet to see if it has already been credited.
In my case, this is my proof of payout for this screenshot.

I have tried and I was able to cash out a lot of times.
I had converted my Ripples to Bitcoins already. Try it out 🙂

Earning may not be fast but no investment or cash in needed.
Easy mining and earning! Enjoy!


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