Earn Money by Writing Articles

I have been using this platform for quite some time which has been the reason why I was inactive here. I was earning money in a short amount of time. I was just required to write my own articles with 500 characters to gain points which will convert to $$ after 24 hours.

This platform is READ.CASH where you can publish original content under any topics to earn Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency. This platform has rewards and sponsorships. If you get either of the two or both: you earn! Also, if a reader upvotes your post by sending some amount of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), it will automatically be directed to your online wallet.

You can also cash out immediately as long as your points have already been converted to USD. You can cash out a minimum amount of $0.01 and it is safe because it only requires you to enter your Bitcoin Cash Address which you can get in your online wallet.

For me, I used my Coins.PH account to deposit my BCH earnings and I convert my BCH to PHP using the Coins.PH. You can also leave your BCH in your online wallet and let it grow over time or until you have decided to convert it.

This is my proof of payment right here:

The one you see are small amounts because I also have other sites where I earn myself money. If you work hard in writing articles, then you will earn big.

If you want to try this platform, please go to this website: read.cash


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